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Oh, US Weekly.  I thought I warned you.  Ok, one week with Jon and Kate on the cover was fine.  I’ll give you two.  At tjon-cheated-kate-bhree I started to get annoyed.  But seven weeks?  SEVEN WEEKS?  I can assure you that no one cares  about this twosome any more (I’m beginning to think, based on their own behaviors and attitudes, that they are over it, too…though not the publicity and, lbh, the cash money that comes with it–and therein, my friends, lies the problem.  But I digress…). 

That poor, stupid, not so naive little Jon supposedly cheated on Kate on her birthday does not tug at my heartstrings (assuming I have any these days).  I don’t think I can continue to enjoy perusing your pages while I lounge at the pool if you are going to continue filling your pages with dribble.  Or at least uninteresting dribble.   You may have gotten your last chance, oh magazine we used to refer to as the Celebrity Bible–it was always the Gospel according to US.   But, that is no longer.



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