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F-A-T spells fat, fat, fat.

Wow.  John Gosselin may need to join Kevin Federline on Celebrity Fit Club.  And, by celebrity, you know I mean “celebrity.”


They’re both fat.  They both cheated.  They were both (well, legally Jon still is) married to bitchy blondes (sorry to put you in the same category as Kate, Brit) who dress poorly and have bad hair and who aren’t the greatest moms and who have been accused of having affairs with people of authority over them (Kate = bodyguard, Britney = manager) and who try to buy their children’s love (candy store shopping sprees and Crooked Houses) and who have alienated their families and who like to parade around in bikinis…


PS Boys:  wearing black isn’t helping make you look slimmer.  But, at least it’s not Ed Hardy.


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Competing with the Kardashians.

It’s an all out war between the Kardashians and MTv for gossip rag coverage this week (at least we’re done with the Gosselins).  For some reason, I blame MTv for the Kardashians in the first place, though I’m not sure why.  A few comments:

  1. I don’t care whether your wedding was real or fake, Khloe.  I don’t need to hear from you that it was.  Or from Lamar.  Or from Kourtney, Kim, or your mom.  Even Brody’s getting into the mix.  Maybe once I hear it from Kylie or Kendall, I’ll believe it.   Maybe.
  2. Kourtney, have this damn baby already. 
  3. Yes, Kim, we know you’re back with Reggie.  And that the love exhibited on Sunday at Khloe’s wedding made you realize just how much you loved him and how much you missed him.  Gag.  Me with a spoon. 
  4. Lauren Conrad has a movie deal for her book LA Candy. Admittedly, I read the first chapter one afternoon when I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble.  Can’t wait to see who they cast.
  5. Kristin Cavallari should not be judgey judgey about Audrina’s plastic surgery (or lack thereof).  She really is a B, as evidenced by her debut on The Hills yesterday.  Wow, who knew that show needed to be revamped?  Or retramped?
  6. And this, this has to be the worst…and on MSNBC, no less! 

Kris Jenner needs to step up her media blasting gig and get her girls in the news with some more varied stories…but, what’s left, really?  (Aside from the impending divorce of Khloe and Lamar and, perhaps, the twist that Scott is not really the father of Kourtney’s baby)

And, while I’m here, can I just put it on the record that

  1. Adrienne Bailon, Cheetah Girl or not, really irks me
  2. Justin Bobby needs to shave immediately
  3. There’s a lot to say about The City, too, but I can’t right now
  4. I don’t understand why everyone on these MTv shows has to have a title (ie “Spencer’s sister,” “Brody’s friend,” “Audrina’s ex-boyfriend”)…why can’t they just be who they are?  Pigeonhole… 

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No undershirts, Neil Lane, and too much making out.

Just a few thoughts on tonight’s final episode.

Jillian, you made a mistake.

Ed?  Really, Ed?  Ok, he is cute.  But he’s also awkwardly tall.  Why did I never notice what a giant Mr. Ed was until the final rose ceremony?  And Reid came back.  Reid.  The one who loved you but was just a little too timid to say it.  The one who stuck through, who made you laugh.  The cute one.

What was with all the dramatic music?  I had never noticed it in episodes passed.  And, the song they played as the montage of Ed and Jillian’s journey played…did anyone else notice it was Martina?  As in McBride?  As in the one who performed (the same song, in fact) on Jillian and Jake’s first date?   Funny how the montage left out the scene where Ed leaves.  Remember that?  He left because his job was more important.  Oh, yeah.  But then he came back, as so many of them did this season, because he had made a mistake.  A big one.  But apparently not one that was unforgiveable.

Props to Reid for returning, though.  And professing his love.  His “I love you this much” was too cute.  As is he.  Sorry you left heartbroken, Buddy.  And thank you for subtly correcting Jill by saying “indescribable” when defining the situation and not, as she did, “undescribable.”  We all called it when he had “prior commitments” that kept him from the Men Tell All special last week.  My scenario of what I wanted to go down was much better (and had a happier ending) than what actually happened.

Why didn’t Ed or Kiptyn wear undershirts under their dress shirts?  That seemed a bit weird.  And, nice gratuitous shot of Ed in his boxer briefs.  Guess his torso isn’t as defined as that of his competition.

Neil Lane seemed a bit…well, giddy.  I’d like to know who pays for the rings.  ABC?  Did Reid pay for his own ring, or did they fly Neil to Philly?  I’d like to think he paid for his own.  And picked it out without any help.  More reason to ❤ him. 

Was shocked they didn’t show the minivan cab and Ed’s white limo passing each other on the windy road…after Reid got dumped.  That?  Would’ve been great television.

I do not think Jake should be the next bachelor.  I liked him at first but he really is just too “perfect.”  I like the idea of Michael the break dance instructor and his twin being dual bachelors and vying for the same girls.

There seemed to be way more smooching than usual this week.  And groping.  And implications thereof.  And actual discussion of said activity.  I mean, leave something to our imaginations, please?  Thanks.

Chris Harrison pulled a fast one on Jillian with the whole Reid thing–and since when did he become a licensed therapist?   How do you feel right now?  Who do you love?  You know who you want.  You know what will make you happy. 

Ed could’ve done a better job picking the ring.  But, Kiptyn did already pick the best ring of them all. 

What’s with this “Ed is my best friend” BS?  How can he be your best friend already?  You barely spent any time with him.  And then subtract from that the three weeks he was at home.  At work.  Because that was more important than you. 

thanks, people.com

thanks, people.com


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Nurses are the new black.

With the cancellation of ER after 132 seasons, the extreme downturn in the goodness of Grey’s Anatomy, and the mediocrity of Private Practice, it seems as though the doctor/hospital drama has gone out of vogue (except, of course, for everyone’s favorite classic, General Hospital).  While the later two still provide water cooler fodder (does anyone’s office actually have a water cooler?), they are far from the intriguing and thought provoking dramas of their predecessors (shows that include St. Elswhere, Ben Casey, and, wait for it…Doogie Howser, MD (ha, just kidding on that one)),  funny like Scrubs or shocking like House.

Enter the nurse focused television show.  In the past two weeks, two such shows have premiered–albeit on cable.  Nurse Jackie (tagline:  Life is full of little pricks), which airs on Showtime, stars Edie Falco as, you guessed it, Nurse Jackie.  The show is a great mix of serious and funny, shocking and annoying.  Nurse Jackie is openly cynical and kind.  Secretly, she is an adulteress and percocetaddict (the two go surprisingly hand in hand).  Half an hour is just enough time to engage the viewer with the right amount of sarcasm and dark humor, two things you don’t get with the go-to Thursday night hospital dramas.  Carmela Soprano fans will be happy to see parts of that character come out in Nurse Jackie–both characters are strong willed, opinionated, and vocal women who allow for short glimpses at their soft sides.  Bonus:  Peter Facinelli (better known as Jennie Garth’s husband and/or Mike from Can’t Hardly Wait) also stars.

The second show is HawthoRNe, starring Jada Pinkett-Smith and airing at 9pm Tuesdays on TNT (they know drama).  Like Nurse Jackie, Christina Hawthorne is a caring and strong willed nurse working in a big city (holler, Richmond!) hospital.  She is compassionate and headstrong, willing to fight for what is right, despite which doctors, hospital administrators, or board members (including her mother-in-law) get in her way.  HawthoRNe is more of a drama than is Nurse Jackie, reminiscent of the revered ER (in its early days, I’d argue).  It didn’t take long for me to start rooting for Nurse Hawthorne and against the–to borrow words from Showtime’s marketing ploy–pricks who portray the doctors.  Bonus:  Michael Vartan.  I need not say more.  Oh–maybe I should…the show also stars Christina Moore (Naomi’s mom from the new 90210 and Laurie from That 70s Show) and Vanessa Lengies (from one of my favorite short lived shows, American Dreams). 

And, now, I’m officially a tv show reviewer. 


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