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Competing with the Kardashians.

It’s an all out war between the Kardashians and MTv for gossip rag coverage this week (at least we’re done with the Gosselins).  For some reason, I blame MTv for the Kardashians in the first place, though I’m not sure why.  A few comments:

  1. I don’t care whether your wedding was real or fake, Khloe.  I don’t need to hear from you that it was.  Or from Lamar.  Or from Kourtney, Kim, or your mom.  Even Brody’s getting into the mix.  Maybe once I hear it from Kylie or Kendall, I’ll believe it.   Maybe.
  2. Kourtney, have this damn baby already. 
  3. Yes, Kim, we know you’re back with Reggie.  And that the love exhibited on Sunday at Khloe’s wedding made you realize just how much you loved him and how much you missed him.  Gag.  Me with a spoon. 
  4. Lauren Conrad has a movie deal for her book LA Candy. Admittedly, I read the first chapter one afternoon when I was hanging out at Barnes and Noble.  Can’t wait to see who they cast.
  5. Kristin Cavallari should not be judgey judgey about Audrina’s plastic surgery (or lack thereof).  She really is a B, as evidenced by her debut on The Hills yesterday.  Wow, who knew that show needed to be revamped?  Or retramped?
  6. And this, this has to be the worst…and on MSNBC, no less! 

Kris Jenner needs to step up her media blasting gig and get her girls in the news with some more varied stories…but, what’s left, really?  (Aside from the impending divorce of Khloe and Lamar and, perhaps, the twist that Scott is not really the father of Kourtney’s baby)

And, while I’m here, can I just put it on the record that

  1. Adrienne Bailon, Cheetah Girl or not, really irks me
  2. Justin Bobby needs to shave immediately
  3. There’s a lot to say about The City, too, but I can’t right now
  4. I don’t understand why everyone on these MTv shows has to have a title (ie “Spencer’s sister,” “Brody’s friend,” “Audrina’s ex-boyfriend”)…why can’t they just be who they are?  Pigeonhole… 

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No undershirts, Neil Lane, and too much making out.

Just a few thoughts on tonight’s final episode.

Jillian, you made a mistake.

Ed?  Really, Ed?  Ok, he is cute.  But he’s also awkwardly tall.  Why did I never notice what a giant Mr. Ed was until the final rose ceremony?  And Reid came back.  Reid.  The one who loved you but was just a little too timid to say it.  The one who stuck through, who made you laugh.  The cute one.

What was with all the dramatic music?  I had never noticed it in episodes passed.  And, the song they played as the montage of Ed and Jillian’s journey played…did anyone else notice it was Martina?  As in McBride?  As in the one who performed (the same song, in fact) on Jillian and Jake’s first date?   Funny how the montage left out the scene where Ed leaves.  Remember that?  He left because his job was more important.  Oh, yeah.  But then he came back, as so many of them did this season, because he had made a mistake.  A big one.  But apparently not one that was unforgiveable.

Props to Reid for returning, though.  And professing his love.  His “I love you this much” was too cute.  As is he.  Sorry you left heartbroken, Buddy.  And thank you for subtly correcting Jill by saying “indescribable” when defining the situation and not, as she did, “undescribable.”  We all called it when he had “prior commitments” that kept him from the Men Tell All special last week.  My scenario of what I wanted to go down was much better (and had a happier ending) than what actually happened.

Why didn’t Ed or Kiptyn wear undershirts under their dress shirts?  That seemed a bit weird.  And, nice gratuitous shot of Ed in his boxer briefs.  Guess his torso isn’t as defined as that of his competition.

Neil Lane seemed a bit…well, giddy.  I’d like to know who pays for the rings.  ABC?  Did Reid pay for his own ring, or did they fly Neil to Philly?  I’d like to think he paid for his own.  And picked it out without any help.  More reason to ❤ him. 

Was shocked they didn’t show the minivan cab and Ed’s white limo passing each other on the windy road…after Reid got dumped.  That?  Would’ve been great television.

I do not think Jake should be the next bachelor.  I liked him at first but he really is just too “perfect.”  I like the idea of Michael the break dance instructor and his twin being dual bachelors and vying for the same girls.

There seemed to be way more smooching than usual this week.  And groping.  And implications thereof.  And actual discussion of said activity.  I mean, leave something to our imaginations, please?  Thanks.

Chris Harrison pulled a fast one on Jillian with the whole Reid thing–and since when did he become a licensed therapist?   How do you feel right now?  Who do you love?  You know who you want.  You know what will make you happy. 

Ed could’ve done a better job picking the ring.  But, Kiptyn did already pick the best ring of them all. 

What’s with this “Ed is my best friend” BS?  How can he be your best friend already?  You barely spent any time with him.  And then subtract from that the three weeks he was at home.  At work.  Because that was more important than you. 

thanks, people.com

thanks, people.com


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Things I don’t care about.

Ugh, these are some of today’s entertainment headlines:

  1. Kendra Wilkinson:  I Won’t Watch Jon & Kate Anymore.  Oooh, Kendra!  Maybe Kate will retaiate by never watching Kendra.  Haha, like she would (or anyone else does).
  2. Jessica Simpson Works Out After Split  Or, she just works out.  As usual. 
  3. Barack Obama Defends His Jeans  Haha, really?  Did Meredith Viera really ask him about his jeans? 
  4. Chris Brown Apologizes for Beating Rihanna  How many months later?
  5. Kate Gosselin Takes the Twins Shopping  What happened to the moratorium on all things Gosselin?

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The Real Brats of NYC

I hate this show.  Yet, I DVR it every week and watch it, cringing the whole time.  I have a lot to say about it, but not the time, so while you wait, anxiously, and wonder just what I have to say about Kelli, PC, Jessie, Camille, Sebastian, and Taylor (the public school girl!), here is a photo montage of the kids…


Send me to hell, but these children are more less attractive than they are actually good looking.  Eyeliner, PC?  Jessie’s eyes are too close together.  Kelli is cute but too…I don’t know.  Taylor is SO public school looking–haha, jk; it’s not her looks but her attitude that makes her unattractive.  Sebastian needs a haircut–doesn’t he know the bangs look for boys is out of style?  And Camille.  Poor, poor Camille.  As someone who shall remain nameless said, in words a bit harsher, “Camille looks like she has a genetic disorder.”


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All Kinds of Good News.

  1. There’s an article on people.com today about my boyfriend. 
  2. He denies that he is dating Jennifer Aniston.
  3. He is still fluent in French and uses it as appropriate.  Ooh la la.  I can just imagine him saying that.
  4. There is going to be a sequel to The Hangover
  5. He’s filming a new movie, starting in September, with lots of other big names:  Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Ashton Kutcher.  And it’s called Valentine’s Day.  How could that possibly be bad?  (That is only a slightly rhetorical question).

That is all.  Happy Saturday.

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Thick as Thieves

What does this phrase–repeated again in preview after preview of RH-NJ and finally uttered, for real, last night–even mean?  I know it means that the “thieves” are all close.  But what is the origin?  And did Caroline Manzo, with her emphatic uttering of the idiom in last night’s season finale, bring it back into the American lexicon?  Are we going to all start going around, defending our friendships and our other relationships saying this? 

I did a little internet research to get a better grip on where this came from…and then realized it wasn’t all that important.  What was important is that the fourth installment of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise had come to an end in what could possibly be the most volatile episode to date.  I was cringing as I sat on the couch watching.  From the moment Danielle pulled Cop Without a Badge from her bag and put it on the table, I knew there would be t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  Did she not know who she was dealing with at that point? 

I was honestly a bit surprised by Caroline’s willingness to hear Danielle out–her persistent shushing of her sister Dina was a bit of a shock…until I understood her ulterior motives.  I’m still not certain who the real culprit was, the housewife who took the book all through town, ending her “book tour” at the infamous Chateau (where anyone who is anyone goes to get her hair done). 

Some things to take away from last night’s episode:

  1. Wow, Teresa.  Get a few [more than usual] glasses of wine in you and you are a little spitfire.  Knocking over a table?!  Yelling “prostitution whore” at Danielle?  Dropping the F word as if you’re trying to get credit for knowing its use?  Awesome.  I will say that, despite the chaos and drama that was obviously ensuing, I was surprised that she took a moment to make sure Gia et al. were taken out of the room.  PS, who was that woman who took them away? 
  2. The other kids, though, got to stay and watch the scene first hand.  Danielle’s kids, though they knew the story (because they have such an awesome relationship with their mom!  And she tells them everything!) are going to be really messed up when they grow up.  Mark my words.
  3. I did not get the whole “I want to throw a housewarming party but my house isn’t ready, so let’s rent out a restaurant and invite my friends and family” thing.  Teresa?  Just throw a damn dinner party, then. 
  4. What was the smell in the Guidice “wine cellar”?  It must’ve been bad if Dina, who you usually can’t get to shut up and would wax poetic about anything, had to leave because it caused her to not be able to talk.
  5. Danielle:  not sure what part of showing your kids pictures from your “hedonistic” modeling days was a good idea.  See “messed up when they grow up” comment above.
  6. Not sure who is going to come and attack Caroline in the middle of the night while her husband burns the midnight oil at The Brownstone.  But good thing she has that attack dog Just In Case.  Hopefully her bright daughter knows enough to stay away from him.
  7. The flaunting of the Victoria’s Secret gift at the restaurant was awesome.  As was the discussion at the dinner table (in front of all the children) about Teresa’s new enhancements and her juicy and delicious husband, Joe’s, appetite.  And not his appetite for Italian food (which is, obviously, also large and insatiable).
  8. I was pretty impressed that Jacqueline strayed from the other thieves and sided with Danielle.  I lost count as to how many times Jacqueline called Dina a liar.   I was also impressed with the way she and Chris approached the car situation with Ashley (ignoring the fact that Ashley is a bit spoiled…though what child on that show is not?). 

I guess that is all I have to say (or can remember) to say.  I will miss these brash and brazen women and look forward to the shenanigans that will surely transgress during next week’s reunion.  large_caroline


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Oh, US Weekly.  I thought I warned you.  Ok, one week with Jon and Kate on the cover was fine.  I’ll give you two.  At tjon-cheated-kate-bhree I started to get annoyed.  But seven weeks?  SEVEN WEEKS?  I can assure you that no one cares  about this twosome any more (I’m beginning to think, based on their own behaviors and attitudes, that they are over it, too…though not the publicity and, lbh, the cash money that comes with it–and therein, my friends, lies the problem.  But I digress…). 

That poor, stupid, not so naive little Jon supposedly cheated on Kate on her birthday does not tug at my heartstrings (assuming I have any these days).  I don’t think I can continue to enjoy perusing your pages while I lounge at the pool if you are going to continue filling your pages with dribble.  Or at least uninteresting dribble.   You may have gotten your last chance, oh magazine we used to refer to as the Celebrity Bible–it was always the Gospel according to US.   But, that is no longer.


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