Restaurant Review: Bourbon Steak (lunch at the bar)

I mean, who doesn’t want a 10 oz burger for lunch on a workday? 

The joy of these few days between Christmas and New Years is that you can take a longer lunch without batting an eye. 

I first heard about the Bourbon Steak lunch special a few months ago.   It took this long for me to go, but I’m glad that I did.

One of my favorite dining partners in town and I headed over to the Four Seasons in Georgetown around noon.  Straight through the lobby and to the bar, which was somewhat crowded with a crowd much older and fancier than we are…but we played the part.

We sat down and ordered our complimentary non-alcoholic beverage.  We knew from perusing the menu beforehand that truffle popcorn would be our appetizer.  It was amazing.  The popcorn was a little greasy due to the truffle oil but it was such a good flavor that we overlooked it.  Come on, we were about to chow down on burgers as big as our heads…what’s another couple hundred calories?

We munched on corn nuts and cashews while we looked at the menu, though we knew for sure what we would order.  The bartender knew just by looking at us.  So, two oak-fired prime steak burgers (retailing at $16) it was.   All part of the deal, and among our other choices, were a grass fed beef burger, a salmon burger, a vegetarian falafel burger, or a turkey burger.

The burgers were cooked to a medium perfection and accompanied with house made pickles, Cabot clothbound cheddar, and “secret sauce.”  The cheddar was sharp and somewhat pungent and worked well with the lean and juicy beef.  The 10 oz was a bit much for an average eater to consume in its entirety at lunch on a Monday, but my friend and I each made a valiant effort. 

The burgers came with your choice of greens (really?!), onion rings, or a trio of fries.  We ordered the rings and the fries and were not disappointed.  The onion rings were lightly battered, made with red onion and not the traditional yellow.  The rings were thin, the batter thick and not overly greasy (or, for that matter, greasy at all).  They came with a house made ketchup.  There were three different kinds of fries, each with its own condiment:  white cheddar with barbeque sauce, salt and pepper fries with ketchup, and sour cream and onion fries with a creme fraiche dipping sauce.  There was more than enough to share and, sadly, many fries left over.

We topped off our meal with the Bourbon brownie, a decadent end to an already decadent lunch.  The dessert came with several “bites” of gooey, fudgey brownie.  The bites were topped with a seemingly unsweetened whipped cream, which complemented the hurt your teeth sweetness of the brownies.  Along with the vanilla ice cream and the cocoa powder and chocolate sauce that adorned the dish, this was a dessert of epic proportions.  The best part was that it all came arranged in the shape of an exclamation point…kind of like a “YAY!  You’ve made it to the end of the meal and still have room for more!” 

Thanks to Metrocurean for the photo.

The burger, side, dessert, and drink rang in at $21.  Considering you probably pay that much if you buy all of those entities a la carte at an average restaurant, it was quite a deal for a Washingtonian Top 100 (#35).




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2 responses to “Restaurant Review: Bourbon Steak (lunch at the bar)

  1. *droooooooooooooooooool*

  2. That sounds fantastic. I don’t think $21 is bad for everything you got. Hopefully my husband and I can try it sometime–sounds like we need to dress up a bit?

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