F-A-T spells fat, fat, fat.

Wow.  John Gosselin may need to join Kevin Federline on Celebrity Fit Club.  And, by celebrity, you know I mean “celebrity.”


They’re both fat.  They both cheated.  They were both (well, legally Jon still is) married to bitchy blondes (sorry to put you in the same category as Kate, Brit) who dress poorly and have bad hair and who aren’t the greatest moms and who have been accused of having affairs with people of authority over them (Kate = bodyguard, Britney = manager) and who try to buy their children’s love (candy store shopping sprees and Crooked Houses) and who have alienated their families and who like to parade around in bikinis…


PS Boys:  wearing black isn’t helping make you look slimmer.  But, at least it’s not Ed Hardy.


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One response to “F-A-T spells fat, fat, fat.

  1. This is the fourth references to Ed Hardy designs I have seen in the past two days. After reading your post, I decided to google this to see what I was missing… I am not better for knowing.

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