An open letter to Martha Stewart

Dear Martha,

I’m really trying very hard to figure out why you  are even commenting about this.  Because you, too, lost a dog to a tragic event?  Seriously?  Come on.   Are you looking to get back in the spotlight so badly that you find anything on which you can comment?  Do you really think Jessica, or any of us, care about your take on the missing Daisy situation? 

Poor Jessica is already obviously quite upset about losing Daisy to a coyote (and Tony to a lookalike, and her sister to a family of her own and CW fame) right before her very eyes.  She’s so upset that she personally made signs (now is not the time to make comments about her spelling mistakes) and put them up, in addition to hiring to help find Daisy.  We all know that the poor maltipoo is probably in doggie heaven, but give poor Jess a break.  She’s been through a lot in the last few months.  Telling her she should’ve watched her dog more carefully is just a kick while she’s down.  It’s like telling a parent of a kidnapped child that they should’ve paid more attention.  Way to put the blame on her, MS. 

And a new dog?  Already?  That’s like a rebound dog and isn’t going to help her get over her feeling of loss.  Give the girl some time.  She’s obviously thinking Daisy is going to come home and isn’t ready to even begin contemplating that she may not.  The gravity of the situation hasn’t hit her yet. 

I think you need to apologize.






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2 responses to “An open letter to Martha Stewart

  1. I hate how mean Martha is, hello, be more responsible…she was in jail was she not?

  2. Jenni

    1) I love how the article states MS’s dog died in “an
    explosion.” Perhaps SHE should have been more careful.
    2) This is just further proof that God does not love Jessica Simpson.

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