Separated at Birth?

scott_speedmanSo, I was catching up on the season premiere of One Tree Hill last night (don’t judge) and was delighted to see that Scott Speedman was playing Nathan’s agent, Clay.  I excitedly emailed a good friend of mine who has had a serious crush-o-rama on SS since the Felicity days. 

“Your bf,” I typed hurriedly, “is on One Tree Hill!” 

So, this morning, I decided to see if he was on for the whole season…and I realized my mistake!  It wasn’t Scott Speedman at Robert_Buckley 2all!  It was, in fact, Robert Buckley.  You know, the cutie pie who played Kirby on Lipstick Jungle (RIP).   Or, even better, Kyle from the Lifetime classic Flirting With Forty

Seriously?  They are twins.  For real.  A doppelganger if I’ve ever seen one.  How had I not noticed this before?!

And, PS, WTF happened to Lucas and Peyton on OTH?  How did I miss the memo on that??



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2 responses to “Separated at Birth?

  1. I am so upset about Lipstick Jungle. Did you see in last week’s US Lindsey Price (Janet Sosna) said she had bruised from the zippers from the size zero clothes she had to wear on the show! yikes!

  2. Hahaha i should have finished your blog before i emailed my sister to tell her scott speedman is on OTH. ooops!

    I missed most of the season last year, but i knew Lucas and Peyton were not going to be back. Did they at least end up happily ever after married and with a baby!?

    Is Stephen Colletti on it anymore? I like him.

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