He’s no Bronx Mowgli but…

Today, on this “very rare” birth date, let’s join Nicole Richie and Joel Madden in welcoming their new son.  His name?  Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

Yeah,  I know.

While I have a lot to say on the subject, no one can do it justice as can my pop culture email chain buddies.  So, allow me to let you into my secret daily life.  Please enjoy the email chain below.  I’m not even going to change the names to protect the innocent.  Of course, it started with a simple link  (from CAH) to the BREAKING NEWS birth announcement.  The subject line was : WORST BABY NAME EVER (emphasis not added by me).  The rest is what followed (note:  all photos were included in original emails):

BS:   Sparrow and Harlow?  Also, Sparrow sounds like a girl’s name.  I thought you were going to say Ezekiel Czar was the worst baby name, which I would’ve agreed with.

CEBM:   Welcome, Sparrow.


CAH:  At least Ezekial is biblical – its much worse for his brother Xen..

BS:  He’ll def go by James, which is why it’s pointless!  And why 4 names?!  do they want him to be a pirate?!


CAH:  Oh, Jack Sparrow. Yes it makes perfect sense now.  I also love that kooky numerologists get to talk about how special today is for him to be born.  How do I get that job?

CAH (again):  My co-worker is disappointed that the baby isn’t DJ AM

BS:  Ooooh that would’ve been better.  Sparrow Adam Goldstein Morning Madden

CEBM:  What’s your Richie- madden birth  name?  Cardinal Sara Dusk Madden, Dove Ronya Morning Madden, Eagle Erin Afternoon Madden, Falcon Christine Midday Madden, Flamingo Christine Sunset Madden.

And, because I could not do it the justice that DListed could, please enjoy that account of the news breaking birth.


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One response to “He’s no Bronx Mowgli but…

  1. needspark

    I will now be referred to as Kookaburra Spark Twilight Madden.

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