Things I REALLY Don’t Care About.

  1. Spencer DB Pratt is changing his name to King Spencer Pratt.  Kinda like Prince Michael Jackson?
  2. Leanne Rimes and her “husband” are getting divorced.  So that affair you were having, Le?  Did that contribute to this?  Oh, right.  Nothing was going on. 
  3. She misses her dad and wishes he were still alive.  She thought long and hard about terminating the pregnancy.  She loves her new curves.  And now?  She’s a role model?  To whom?  Please. 
  4. The Duggars are having another baby.  This makes 19.  They have already changed the name of their show once.  There are more important things for them to be worrying about than what to name this kid.  Like how to not have any more.  Their youngest, Jordyn, is only eight months old.  Gross.
  5. Stupid Carrie Perjean

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