In this economy…

I know there are a lot of people out there who are looking for jobs, whether because they were recently let go from theirs or because they are looking for a change.   One of my nerdy hobbies is helping people write resumes (I think career counselor may have been my true calling).  As you all know, writing a resume also generally comes hand in hand with writing a cover letter.

I recently was helping someone to do just that.  Since I felt a little rusty in the cover letter area, I thought I’d brush up by going online and reading some examples.  Some websites, like, had well-written and useful examples; I also found that college career center websites were of help, too.  However, in my research, I found quite an appalling site.  You’d think, going to, that you had hit the jackpot.  The opening page is well-written and promises  that you will find hundreds of resume cover letter examples.  It claims to be “the perfect place” if you are on a search for a cover letter example. 

It all goes downhill from there.  The owner/creator of the site must’ve gotten bored and/or tired after completing the taxing job of creating the website and describing its purpose.  At that point, it appears as though this individual thought, “Hey, maybe I can outsource this to someone who doesn’t speak English as their native language!  Maybe I will just have that person write all the example cover letters!”

Here is just one example.  Looking for a job as an elementary school teacher?  I do not suggest sending this as your cover letter (which, as other sites will tell you, is your chance to make a first, and lasting, impression):

Dear Mr. Richardson,

As per your ad on internet that you will have first grade vacancies, I am applying for a teaching position at the elementary level. Please see my resume. I completed my teaching in third grade. My certification will be in both early childhood (PK-3) and elementary education (1-6).Because of my interest in higher studies, after this summer I will begin study on a Master’s in Reading degree.

As I always heard about your school, so I am ready to do work in your school at any time. I like hard work and always ready for helping others. I like to teach students and guide them to find success. I want my students always on top place and are full of meaningful experience, interesting learning that applies to their lives. I believe that this can be achieved through cooperative learning, meaningful activities, new technologies and internet also.

I am waiting for your call to decide our meeting timing. I would like to discuss about your school’s goals and how I can help in your goals.

Thank you for reading my resume and consideration

I have no more words. 




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3 responses to “In this economy…

  1. dc_publius

    Almost guaranteed that this site is made for adsense/advertising revenue. There are people out there that make 1000s of mediocre sites and then just wait. Some of the sites eventually rank in Google (thanks in part to links such as the link above) and earn a dollar or two per day in advertising. Not much, but if you have a few thousand of these sites, it adds up to real money.

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