Best. Job. Ever.

Even though I’m far from being a fan of Ms. Zellweger (especially since rumors have been flying that she’s seeing my boyfriend), I’m a tad bit jealous.  Her next starring role is a reprise of one of my favorite’s of her’s…Bridget Jones.  She will be working on making the series into a trilogy and, to do so, must pack on the pounds.  She gets to eat?  Whatever the heck she wants.  Heavenly.  And, then, if we keep the same cast of characters, she gets to hang out with and possibly even smooch Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (who, I know, are both getting old but, come on folks, I’m not getting any younger).


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  1. I was reading one of her quotes about how it really does suck to put the weight on. Off yes, On, NOOOO.

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