[Not so] Smooth [Cyber] Criminal

Ok, had to jump on the MJ bandwagon somehow. 

And now, on to the important pieces of business.  So, I held out on the whole Facebook thing (for various reasons, known and unknown) for a very long time.  Very.  But since I logged on [legitimately] for the first time almost a year ago I’ve been hooked.  Keeping up with my friends’ lives is fun.  And I don’t even have to talk about friending people just to see who they married/what their kids look like [only to defriend them soon after]. 

Considering all of this, it should come as no surprise that the recent security alert email I received from the good people (who since then have disappeared) of Facebook yesterday morning.  Apparently, in a rare [haha] moment of stupidity, I clicked on a link sent by a friend (I know who you are, “friend”) and suddenly my gmail password and namesake were thrown into the world of cybercriminalism.  Yes, that is a word.

Per the email, a friend was tricked into sending me and email and I was tricked into entering my email address and password.  Which I knowingly and without hesitation did.  I know this is my fault.  But it still sucks.  The Facebook security team is worried about me and they “strongly suspect these criminals next used the same email address and Facebook password they phished from [me] to log into [my gmail] account.”  Well, Facebook people, you are right.  And, yes, I do use the same password for gmail and Facebook.  But no longer!  I am on to this phishing thing. 

But they are telling me these criminals are in control!  What to do?!  Well, I changed my gmail password as requested, and let them know that I had done so.  I then replied to the legitimate security question they asked.  This was over 36 hours ago and I have yet to regain access to my account.  It is still disabled as is my connection to the outside world.  How the eff am I supposed to let people know what I’m doing (or not doing)?  How am I supposed to see whose walls are getting action or what my bff had for breakfast?  Folks?  I’m dying here. 

I’m really afraid (and this is pathetic, but bear with me), that my account is going to be forever disabled and that I am going to have to — gasp — recreate one.  All of my albums and witty captions?  GONE.  All of my awesomely cropped profile pics?  BYE BYE.  My archive of witty and awesome status messages?  SAYONARA. 

The good news is, I’ve been offline for two days and people have noticed.  Maybe in a couple more days they’ll forget I even existed as a Facebook friend so, in the case I do have to create a new account, I can friend only those who I really want to be friends with.  We all know my list will go from 200+ to, oh, 50.  You better hope you make the cut.



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  1. Vu

    I hope I make the cut! Great BLOG!

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