Things I don’t understand.

  1. What is with all of this talk of Michael Jackson’s children?  Or should I say “children?”   Ok, a bunch of things to say about this.  First of all, the poor kids’ dad [“dad”] died less than a week ago.  Can we leave the paternity scandals out of it for a few days?  Well, obviously not.  I guess it impacts something else I don’t really understand and/or that confuses me about this situation.  First of all, like why his third child’s name is Blanket.  Second of all (and the important part) the custody of these kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I do understand why Katherine Jackson, MJ’s mom, wants custody or at least guardianship of her grandchildren.   Especially since their mother, Debbie Rowe, has been uninvolved (but now, considering she may allegedly just have been a vessel for procreation and not a contributor, that makes some sense).  Katherine has herself some good arguments.  But this quote from US Weekly this morning makes no sense–one of the arguments in her petition was that she and the children “have a long established relationship” Michael’s death.  Since five days ago??  Really?  I have a feeling this is going to get ugly. [the article from which I took that quote is no longer online].  Speaking of US Weekly, the paternity issue is on the cover this week…which is better than the Gosselins who, which reminds me that they…
  2. Are no longer speaking to the media. What, really?  Except to tell them that they’re not speaking to them.  Now they want to live private lives.  Good.  Luck.   For my own sake, I hope this is true.  But then again, just because they’re not speaking to the media doesn’t mean that the media isn’t still going to be following them. 
  3. Mellisa Rycroft is engaged.  If you recall, she just got unengaged on national television oh, about three months ago.  And she was so in love with that jerk.  The article says she was “unceremoniously dumped.”  Um, I don’t know whose definition of unceremonious the brilliant US Weekly writer was using, but it isn’t mine or Miriam Webster’s, that’s for sure.  Anyway, Melissa is engaged to her on again off again (conveniently off while she was on The Bachelor), some dude named Tye.  Note to the new fiance: Tye, can you please drop the random and superfluous “e” from the end of your name?  Thanks. 
  4. And, since we’re talking about getting dumped, calling  Jillian Harris.  Really, Jillian?  Wes?  REALLY?  I’m sorry if I’m spoiling for some of you but I have to take a moment to share the rage.  WES???  You know Jake is a good guy [but you let him go anyway].  And oh, his sisters and family were really going to sell him out and tell you he and Laurel really were an item.  I kept waiting for Laurel to pop in, or for Jillian to say, “Hey, can we call her?  I wanna hang out with your bff since she means so much to you.” 
  5. Not pop culture related, but I’ve been seeing a lot of shoulder pads, ankle bracelets, and toe rings lately.  And, frankly, I’m not impressed.
  6. Also, why is it news that concert goers who have tickets to one of MJ’s previously scheduled London shows are getting their money back? I should hope they would! 


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3 responses to “Things I don’t understand.

  1. Jenni T.

    Do you think UsWeekly will run any type of apology (or even recognition) that just last week- literally days before his death- they ran a full page article about “Wacko Jacko,” mocking his clothing?

    Choking….Foot. In. Mouth.

  2. Sara

    I just watched the Jon and Kate The First 10 years or whatever it was called. It was really sad, they seemd so happy in the beginning, like they actually loved each other. And I find it ironic that they brought all of this upon themselves, got all the money and fame out of it and oh, I’m sorry, now they don’t want it anymore. But please keep the freebies and book deals coming, thanks!

  3. I totally agree with Jenni T. When I saw that on the last page of my US Weekly last week I was shocked. I know they didnt know, just unfortunate.

    Don’t get me started on Jillian, there is not enough room in this comments section for everything! haha!

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