Tabloid Journalists and Editors In a Frenzy.

I will blame the media prostitution of Jon minus Kate on the dearth of legitimate entertainment news in the last few weeks.  Linsday must be eating, Britney must be getting back in shape, Amy Winehouse…wait a minute, what ever happened to her?!

Anyway, with the “everything happens in threes” nature of this week, Janice Min and her fellow tabloid editors are actually not going to have to go scraping the bottom of the Hollywood barrel this week looking for news.  Whatever Teresa and the rest of the housewives are doing is not important.  Let Kate walk around in a “new” bikini in her front yard.  No one cares.

I’m not going to use this space to talk about Michael Jackson and the affect his death has on the entertainment world.  Rather, I’m going to just comment, however briefly, on the fact that the news of his death came from TMZ.  Not CNN.  Not a network news source.  T. M. Z.  In fact, CNN was the last of the news sources to even confirm his death (way to scoop everyone, there, Wolf). 

 It amazes me that paparazzi fueled and gossip driven outlets such as TMZ are legitimizing themselves.  But will they ever be taken seriously?  Will the news they portray on a daily basis ever be considered “the truth,” or will America always wait for Wolf or Brian Williams to utter the words before they become fact?   In breaking the news of Natasha Richardson’s tragic death a few months ago to being the first to provide news on Michael Jackson’s passing, TMZ and Harvey Levin are getting into the “hard hitting” entertainment news arena.  While some may argue there is no such thing I propose this thought:  is there no such thing as “important” entertainment news [any longer] because we have been inundated with crap journalism whose sole purpose it is to push magazines off the shelves?

RIP Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.  I’m sorry that your deaths are news.  But, at the same time, in an honestly uncallous way, glad for it.   Give these media outlets  and these entertainment journalists (and you know it has always been my dream to be published in such a publication, if even just once)  something real to talk about–these stars’  lives and contributions to the world in general and the entertainment world specifically are immense.  Let’s talk about and read about that instead of what Jon Gosselin had for lunch or how much Kate’s sunglasses cost or who Jennifer Aniston went out with last night (I especially don’t want to read about that if it’s Bradley Cooper).



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2 responses to “Tabloid Journalists and Editors In a Frenzy.

  1. Soon CNN will have camera crews following all celebs in hopes to get the scoop first. I would love to see a brawl between a TMZ dude and a CNN one.

  2. PS- TMZ also broke the Anna Nichole Smith death…

    And RIP Billy Mays.

    It’s been a tough week.

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