Restaurant Review: Firefly

I am sure all you faithful followers out there are asking yourself this very important question:  does this girl do anything but eat and/or talk about food?  Fortunately, yes.  But, because I do love food and talking about it and reading about it and because I have a new penchant for writing about it, all of you out there who anxiously await my blog posts (oh, I know who you are) are lucky.

So last night I went out with three friends for what has become a monthly dinner date.  We decided, early on, that we were going to work our way around town while working our way through the alphabet.  And so, tonight, we went to our letter “F.”  F, friends, is for Firefly.

It may have been our best meal yet.

The atmosphere was pretty cool–there were “tree trunks” (I couldn’t tell if they were real or not) all over the dining area, with lanterns hanging from the branches.  To the right of the entrance was a cute little lounge area, with comfy looking couches and some small, round coffee tables.  The restaurant was a bit loud but so are we, so we were able to hold our own amongst the din of the crowd.  While we’re talking atmosphere, we’ll talk about the service–it was a bit lacking.  I’d say we were there a good ten minutes before we were even approached to take a drink order.  We didn’t mind, however, as we were in no hurry to get out of there.

We all had a drink to start off the night–even I did!  I tried a strawberry themed cocktail that isn’t on their online menu.  If I recall correctly, it was a combination of sparkling wine (not champagne–I know there’s a difference!), Ketel One Citroen vodka, some kind of strawberry flavor, and a basil lemonade.  The result was cool and refreshing and had me wishing for more than just the one champagne glass that I was given.  All cocktails were $12.50.  The wine list was extensive and those who had wine instead of cocktails were happy with the choices. 

On to the food!  We started with–surprise, surprise–the deviled eggs.  These were much better than the ones I had at Founding Farmers.  The filling was smooth and creamy and had a powerful (but not overpowering) smoky flavor.  Each half came topped with a delicious and fragrant garlic potato chip.  Three halves were $5–clearly not the deal we had at FF but a delicious treat nonetheless. 

The entrees were all amazing.  There was not a morsel of food left on our plates.  I had the chicken confit pot pie, a warm and soothing combination of maitake, English peas, pearl onion, and cauliflower puree.  It was topped with a warm and flaky rosemary biscuit.  I am usually not a fan of rosemary (in fact, I kinda hate it), but this was delicious.  The peas were a bit undercooked and crunchy, but it actually added a bit of texture to the creaminess of the filling. 

My companions had seared yellowfin tuna BLT with avocado on multigrain bread (and a dumb salad), braised lamb and fresh papparedelle pasta (made with lamp shoulder, ramps, and mascarpone), and the 8oz bistro steak (with garlic herb butter, au gratin potatoes and roasted cauliflower). 

Now, while all of this was a treat to our tastebuds, the star(s) of the meal came with dessert.  The three we chose were possibly–no joke–among the best desserts I’ve ever had (if not in my life than definitely throughout our “eat through the alphabet” endeavor).  Without really knowing what it was (but assuming that it was in the cobbler family), we chose the apple brown Betty.    It was buttery and sweet and caramel-y all at once.  The texture was not soggy, as I find bread pudding type desserts to typically be, with crisp apples that were just the right amount of tart.  The dessert came accompanied by fresh, homemade strawberry ice cream.  Our second choice was the red velvet cake.  It was topped with a cream cheese frosting and topped with chocolate pearls.  Now, none of us could decipher what these pearls were–small beads of chocolate with a surprising crunch.  The plate was lines with a delicious strawberry and cream glace.  Had the slice been three times as big, we still would have eaten every last morsel.  And, because two desserts for four people just possibly couldn’t be enough, we rounded out our choices with the Firefly sundae–a fudge brownie topped with [the most delicious, peanut buttery] peanut butter ice cream [any of us had every had], chocolate sauce, and whipped marshmallow cream.  Imagine a Reese’s peanut butter cup, turned into a cool, creamy ice cream but without the texture.  Got it?  Now dream about it until you can taste it yourself.  The brownie and other additions were just mere counterparts to the clear attraction of the plate. 

The last treat of the night came with our check–the bill is rolled up and put into a mason jar that has holes punched into its lid.  Get it?  That’s what you use to catch fireflies! 

Firefly is located at 1310 New Hampshire Avenue, NW.  And, beware:  you have to travel through a traffic circle to get there, if you’re coming from Virginia. 

ADDENDUM:  HOW COULD I FORGET THE SIDE OF MAC N CHEESE THAT WE SHARED?  I’ve said it before, I know, but it was by far the best I’ve had in quite a while.  While I sang the praises of the mac at FF, it did not even compare to the one we had last night.  Elbow macaroni, three cheeses, creamy and delicious with a nice, crisp, not overly thick bread crumb topping.   If you are paying attention, readers, you will beging to see a theme with my culinary selections–and, though I dine with different friends, we all tend to gravitate toward the same things…



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5 responses to “Restaurant Review: Firefly

  1. chrommie

    might i suggest “Georgia Brown’s” for the next one.

  2. needspark

    We need a LaLa/Spark repeat dinner. Until then, I will be dreaming of that sundae. omg. ott. tdf.

  3. Elizabeth

    Ok, that sounds delish! And I love the theme!! Might have to make the hubby take me there this summer. One clarification though, why two ‘F’ restaurants (i.e., Founding Farmers AND Firefly)? Do we need a a food auditor? If so, sign me up!! 🙂 Love the blog, Ron! LYLM

  4. Lala

    you’re right–two F restaurants in a row…but i’m popular, duh, and these were all different people. 🙂

  5. Allyson

    I like the suggestion of Georgia Brown’s… still thinking about that delicious dinner!

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