Thick as Thieves

What does this phrase–repeated again in preview after preview of RH-NJ and finally uttered, for real, last night–even mean?  I know it means that the “thieves” are all close.  But what is the origin?  And did Caroline Manzo, with her emphatic uttering of the idiom in last night’s season finale, bring it back into the American lexicon?  Are we going to all start going around, defending our friendships and our other relationships saying this? 

I did a little internet research to get a better grip on where this came from…and then realized it wasn’t all that important.  What was important is that the fourth installment of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise had come to an end in what could possibly be the most volatile episode to date.  I was cringing as I sat on the couch watching.  From the moment Danielle pulled Cop Without a Badge from her bag and put it on the table, I knew there would be t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  Did she not know who she was dealing with at that point? 

I was honestly a bit surprised by Caroline’s willingness to hear Danielle out–her persistent shushing of her sister Dina was a bit of a shock…until I understood her ulterior motives.  I’m still not certain who the real culprit was, the housewife who took the book all through town, ending her “book tour” at the infamous Chateau (where anyone who is anyone goes to get her hair done). 

Some things to take away from last night’s episode:

  1. Wow, Teresa.  Get a few [more than usual] glasses of wine in you and you are a little spitfire.  Knocking over a table?!  Yelling “prostitution whore” at Danielle?  Dropping the F word as if you’re trying to get credit for knowing its use?  Awesome.  I will say that, despite the chaos and drama that was obviously ensuing, I was surprised that she took a moment to make sure Gia et al. were taken out of the room.  PS, who was that woman who took them away? 
  2. The other kids, though, got to stay and watch the scene first hand.  Danielle’s kids, though they knew the story (because they have such an awesome relationship with their mom!  And she tells them everything!) are going to be really messed up when they grow up.  Mark my words.
  3. I did not get the whole “I want to throw a housewarming party but my house isn’t ready, so let’s rent out a restaurant and invite my friends and family” thing.  Teresa?  Just throw a damn dinner party, then. 
  4. What was the smell in the Guidice “wine cellar”?  It must’ve been bad if Dina, who you usually can’t get to shut up and would wax poetic about anything, had to leave because it caused her to not be able to talk.
  5. Danielle:  not sure what part of showing your kids pictures from your “hedonistic” modeling days was a good idea.  See “messed up when they grow up” comment above.
  6. Not sure who is going to come and attack Caroline in the middle of the night while her husband burns the midnight oil at The Brownstone.  But good thing she has that attack dog Just In Case.  Hopefully her bright daughter knows enough to stay away from him.
  7. The flaunting of the Victoria’s Secret gift at the restaurant was awesome.  As was the discussion at the dinner table (in front of all the children) about Teresa’s new enhancements and her juicy and delicious husband, Joe’s, appetite.  And not his appetite for Italian food (which is, obviously, also large and insatiable).
  8. I was pretty impressed that Jacqueline strayed from the other thieves and sided with Danielle.  I lost count as to how many times Jacqueline called Dina a liar.   I was also impressed with the way she and Chris approached the car situation with Ashley (ignoring the fact that Ashley is a bit spoiled…though what child on that show is not?). 

I guess that is all I have to say (or can remember) to say.  I will miss these brash and brazen women and look forward to the shenanigans that will surely transgress during next week’s reunion.  large_caroline



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2 responses to “Thick as Thieves

  1. oh so many comments where to start.
    in no order:

    1) Dude Caroline is worried that her Mob connections are going to turn on her — like they killed her father in law

    2) Jacqueline PO’d me. Chill out.

    3) Could not agree with you more re: Danielle. And her kids. Really?? Here’s where mom used to model and they’re such great pics Bravo they blurred it out?? They didn’t blur out Kelley’s modeling pics from NY… so either they sucked or she’s naked.

    4) i wondered about the smell too?! Teresa’s husband makes wine? And her house is unreal. And empty.

    5) Why doesn’t she call her dinner party what it was– “Bravo asked that I have a party so it can be a true finale with all the women together” party.

    ) Ask me if I even care about who showed whom a book anymore. Negative.

  2. needspark

    I don’t even watch this show, but I will have to remember the “prostitution whore” insult. “Whore” packs a much bigger punch with “prostitution” in front of it. Thanks, Lala.

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