And the definition of “star” is what, again?

It must be a slow news day in Hollywood.  At the very least, it’s a low inspiration day.   One of today’s top stories on is about Adrian Grenier (of everyone’s favorite teen dramedy Drive Me Crazy and, I guess, Entourage) and some actress from [ugh his amber eyes he’s so hot he’s an effing vampire] Twilight named Ashley Greene.  Did you know they met at a party on Friday and were inseparable all weekend?  Well, they did!  And it’s news!  Apparently, they spent the weekend dancing intensely, taking surfing lessons, getting cozy, blah blah BLAH.

In case you were wondering, other “stars” at the party where this new hot couple met were Lo Bosworth, Mario Lopez, and the Madden brothers…sounds like a big, fat conglomeration of the up and coming in Tinsletown, if you ask me .  And a party I am sad to have missed!   The only people missing to make the shindig complete would be Carrot Top, Tara Reid, and Alyssa Milano.

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One response to “And the definition of “star” is what, again?

  1. Sara

    Only Lala would give “Drive Me Crazy” top-billing over Entourage for Adrian Grenier. LOL.

    BTW, did you notice they have the same initials?

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