Things that are wrong with the world today, according to me.

  1.   Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, III, are expecting their first child.  There are so many things wrong with this.  I won’t be a complete wet noodle and say that they’re not even married (I’m progressive enough to be okay with that).  But, I’m not okay with the fact that she didn’t know she had to put a stamp on an envelope to mail a letter.  Or that she has no furniture in her house but does have a stripper pole in her bedroom.  Or that she thought Rice-A-Roni was Mexican.  Or that someone that obviously, not an act, un-intelligent person should not be procreating. 
  2. Mike Tyson got married over the weekend–a mere two weeks after his 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, died from a treadmill accident.  This is his third marriage.  Now, I’m not opposed to people finding love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives with that person.  But could he not have waited?  The best part of the article?  When they mention that his new wife (only ten years his junior) was “said to have been comforting him” during the tragedy.  This is news why?  She is, at the time, his girlfriend.  It would be horrible to expect anything less.
  3. MADD is apparently living up to its name.  It appears as though there’s a “trend” in “safe grad parties.”  These are not “safe” like the one I went to–where we were locked down at the local rec center, wore velcro judo suits, grabbed for cash, and ate pizza and drank fruit punch.  No, this one is a little more exciting.   Next weekend, at an undisclosed location, parents of students who attend Lanigan Central High School (ignore the fact, please, that it’s in Canada) will be hosting such a party.  With a signed permission slip (ignore the fact, please, that high school students are experts in forging), students can pre-order and pre-pay for up to ten (10) (!!!) alcoholic beverages (beer , vodka, rum, or rye).  They are allowed to bring guests, as long as they are in at least the tenth grade (ie 15 or 16 years old).  So what if the drinking age in Canada is 19.  Ten drinks is a tremendous amount, even for the most veteran of drinkers.  How is this safe?  The party ends at 2 am.  Then what? 


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3 responses to “Things that are wrong with the world today, according to me.

  1. James Borden

    To steal Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy) tweet from yesterday re: Kendra Wilkinson…

    ‘Just saw “Kendra” install a stripper pole in her new house. Instant “TiVo Season Pass” status from me. She’s a dumber/sluttier Jess Simpson.’

  2. Sara

    At least a stripper pole in her bedroom would’ve been somewhat ok. It’s in her living room that I find to be the problem. And Hank seems somewhat normal until I realized that they dated for 5 seconds, then he proposed and he is in love with her…

    • Lala

      I should’ve paid closer attention to the first episode of “KENDRA” if I wanted to get my facts straight. I hate her giggle snort. And her PWT-ness. And so many other things…

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