The Devil is in the Details…or the Costa Rican jungle.

Heidi Montag Pratt’s publicist has confirmed that Heidi has been admitted to a Costa Rican hospital for an undisclosed illness.  Did the devil give you this sickness to test your faith in God, Heidi?  How can you leave Spencer all alone, without companionship, on the set of your reality show?  What if he tries to hook up with Holly? Or Janice Dickinson?  I wouldn’t hold it past him…but, then again, he’s all born again these days. 

And, since I didn’t comment before, just a couple things that have been bothering me lately. 

  1. Why does Kendra have her own show?  She makes no sense to me.  And she is so unbelievably crass and PWT (not to be confused with PYT).  I’d question Hef’s taste in women, but that would lead to a very long blog post.  And it’s time for bed. 
  2. Mariah Carey is claiming Glitter failed because its release date was 9/11.  In the words of Chelsea Handler, “what about 9/12 and 9/13, Mariah?”
  3. Six weeks in a row with Jon and Kate on the cover of US Weekly.  I?  Am sick of them.  I used to like the show.  Now I hate that I am giving them any attention.  Jon is an idiot (see previous posts) and Kate needs to get a grip (among other things).  The Duggars are looking better and better.
  4. I love love love Gia, the eldest daughter of the Guidice family on Real Housewives, New Jersey.  She was in her prime in last week’s episode–the scene with Alberto (“I don’t speak Spanish”) cracks me up every time I think about it.
  5. Why does E!  keep renewing Denise Richards ‘ contract?  And since when are she and Brooke Mueller bff?  That’s just weird.  But, alas, so complicated.  (And, yes, I did watch tonight.  But only because I can’t sleep.  (I did not set it on the DVR schedule, though.)   And she’s totally living at the Fairmont in Santa Monica and I’ve totally stayed there.  Not that anyone cares, and it wasn’t when she was there, so it’s irrelevant, but still.)


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2 responses to “The Devil is in the Details…or the Costa Rican jungle.

  1. chrommie

    I keep forgetting to tivo chelsea handler. she is my favorite.

    You know how I feel about Kendra and do you think Denise has A/C in her room at the Fairmont?

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