What is this Etsy?

Ok, so I admit I’m a little behind the curve here.  I mean, I’ve heard people talking about Etsy but I’ve never actually gone to look for anything (mostly because I tend to prefer mass produced items.  Ha…maybe because I’m so not creative and always thought “Etsy” sounded too sophisticated and classy trendy for me). 

Thanks to Amanda and her blogpost from today, I meandered over to a great “store” (is that what you call them?) and am afraid I’m now hooked.  As if I needed any other online shopping inspiration.  Or reason to spend money.  And, while I absolutely ❤ Ada’s blog , I was telling CB this morning that I hate that every time I read a post (whether about using yellow as an accent color or about mobiles), I have the urge to redecorate my whole [already nicely decorated except for a few choice items] place. 

Do any of you have other favorite sellers on Etsy?  I feel some money burning a hole in my pocket…



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3 responses to “What is this Etsy?

  1. lol, yeah. I discovered Etsy a few weeks ago, and recently I’ve been browsing non-stop >.<''

    A few of my favorite stores that I plan on making purchases soon:


  2. Jenni


    Charm City Greetings, which has homemade picture frames, journals, cards and stationary that a friend from college makes. Love the work, love the gal!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Try the Etsy pounce feature, it is very addictive.

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