Things I learned today.

  1. Dorito Casserole is delicious.  Thanks, Jacqueline, for a delicious dinner. 
  2. Bradley Cooper is the hottest mofo in all the land.”   This is a fact, CB.  A fact. 
  3. A shoe closet is, apparently, as cool as a beer closet.  I’ll take the shoe closet, please.  And, yes, it does need a table smack dab in the middle of it. 
  4. The drum of your ice cream maker needs to be frozen if you want to make ice cream. 
  5. There is some dude whose sole purpose in life is to babysit the Stanley Cup.  Is he married?  Must. Find. Out. 
  6. For various reasons, we’d all like a nanny like Patsy to take care of our kids someday. 

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Filed under Annoying People, food, general, hotties, Reality TV

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