Levi Johnston dumber than we originally thought.

Thanks to Best Week Ever for the photo.

Thanks to Best Week Ever for the photo.

So apparently, Levi Johnston, our favorite teenage baby daddy (followed closely by Casey Aldridge, with Taylor Hanson (mmmmbop!) coming in a distant third) has posed in GQ holding his son, Tripp.  Shirtless.  Because what’s hotter, girls, than an 18-year old, unshaven, khaki clad, high school drop out holding a naked baby?  Nothing, you say?  Can I add to that the fact that you can see his tattoos?  Yes, that was plural.  In addition to his white-trash commitment to love “wedding band” evoking his [lost] love to Bristol Palin, Levi also sports a fantastic tattoo up and down his left arm that says “JOHNSTON.”  Lest he ever forgets his last name or the name of his child’s mother, he has permanent ink reminders.  Assuming, of course, that he can read. 

Levi was reportedly paid a cool $300,000 from GQ to appear in the magazine.  I can think of a few things he can use the money to buy.  One starts with L and ends in aser removal.   Maybe he’ll have enough to get a personal trainer to firm up those abs.  I don’t know, but if I was going to appear shirtless in a magazine read by millions, I’d be sporting a six-pack.  Or at least insist on some airbrushing (and not be offended by it). 

I’ll admit, I had to do a little bit of sleuthing to see and figure out the arm tattoo…in the first photo I saw of this adorable coupling, the tattoo was so small I couldn’t read it.  But, it was eating at me.  I had to know.  So to the internets I went.  And now I know.  Can’t say I’m a better person for it.  But at least I’m persistent.



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3 responses to “Levi Johnston dumber than we originally thought.

  1. Dang..I wish I had a baby so I could pose and get $300,000!

  2. chrommie

    omg he has an outtie! it looks like a litter weiner coming out of his bellybutton.

  3. Not everyone should get a tattoo. And for those who do, please choose wisely.

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