Just because Jillian likes it…

…doesn’t mean I will.

People! What is up with all of this reality show product placement these days? Seriously, I’m getting annoyed. Today, for instance, I was watching [don’t judge] Southern Belles: Lousiville (Thursday, 10:00EST on SoapNet). The gals are sitting around the yoga studio after a grueling hour of sun salutations and downward dogs. Emily, the “tv personality,” reaches down and grabs a tube of Lubriderm lotion.  Not more than two minutes later, we break to commercial…the first of which is for…wait for it…Lubriderm lotion.

Those of you who watched this past season of The Biggest Loser: Couples  (still not sure Helen should’ve won) know what I’m talking about.  Brita.  Extra sugarfree gum.  Glad products.  Cheerios.  Subway.  I want to watch people sweat and lose half their weight in six grueling weeks.  I do not want to hear Jillian or Bob extol the virtues of chewing gum instead of snacking, or piling the veggies onto my whole wheat, five dollar, Subway sub.

Even the “Real” Housewives of New York went at it this season; though they mostly pushed their own products (Ramona’s Tru Renewal and True Faith, Bethenny’s Skinny Girl products, Jill’s Zarin fabrics), in the home makeover REVEAL of Silex’s brownstone, there is an obviously obvious plug for Whirlpool appliances.  Ugh. 

My point is–I will not buy things [just because] because celebrities peddle them.  I certainly am not going to buy something because my favorite reality tv star is a fan.  In fact, I need no more encouragement than the feel of my credit card in my hand or thoughts of my security code going through my head as I fall asleep.



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6 responses to “Just because Jillian likes it…

  1. needspark

    Wait, didn’t you buy the Jilliam work out DVD?

  2. I bought that work out DVD, too….but, um, I haven’t used it.

  3. Blame Tivo, now that everyone is skipping comercials, they have to get the ad revenue some how. Don’t get me wrong, I agree it is VERY annoying.

  4. You forgot. Marley and Me!! LMAO

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