I’m not the only one.

78-mainMy new favorite website (thanks, CB, for turning me on to it):  http://stfuparents.tumblr.com/

It’s funny, people, because it’s true.  The commentary regarding some of these statuses is hilarious.   I’m glad to know that I’m quite obviously, based on the site’s traffic and the response I’ve gotten from sharing this already, not the only one this intrigues.  I know I’m sometimes a baby-hater, and I don’t have kids so I don’t understand the need to share their every thought, deed, and word with the world (that may also be why I.  Just.  Don’t.  Care.).   And, sometimes, I’ll admit as I have before, I’m an oversharer (though not usually in a public forum for the world to see and with the option of what I say being cut and paste and sent out to all Creation).  But all the time?  Unnecessary.   Sometimes it’s cute.  But sometimes, a lot of the times, it is not.  Especially if it’s about poop.  Everybody poops, remember?  And learns how to do it in a sanitary and acceptable way.   But let’s not just leave it at that.  Any bodily function (especially pregnancy related–see the “hard uterus” example from the website) is a little TMI.  When did talking about these things become okay?  This is not an attack on parents who are obviously proud of their children’s accomplishments.  It’s an attack on this newfound desire and incessant need to make people feel like they should care about these same things; and, in essence, sometimes even makes them feel bad (ok, to the point of snark sometimes) when these amazing things don’t blow their socks off (kind of like that explosive poop blew off the onesie).

Maybe if I have kids someday I’ll find that I’m better able to relate and will somehow fall into this category of parent (or parent to be).  Since I already have the need to constantly talk about myself, maybe talking about someone else will be just as therapeutic…but until then, I will just complain about it.   And bring it to your attention.  So in case it didn’t already annoy you, it might now (even if you are a parent). 

My job here is done.


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